Actually I haven't seen 50 shades yet and I don't plan to. 


I did spent the weekend being extremely uncomfortable.

What was i doing?

Walking up and down the highstreet talking to people.

Yeah sounds a bit odd right?

Things is I was trying to get some local businesses involved with the TFW Guinness World Record attempt so I was going door to door, up and down talking.


See I can stand in front of a class and talk no problem and 1-2-1 i'm ok too but "cold" opens where i just walk up and start chatting?

I'm really bad at that.

I get nervous.

I start making excuses in my head

"Oh it looks a bit busy so i'll come back later"
"Um there's no one else in the shop so now i stick out like a sore thumb"
‚Äč"This place is too big they already do charity stuff so they won't want to help me"
"This one is too small"

And on and on.

I had to force myself every single time I walked into a shop.

And you know what? i'd love to say by then end of the day saturday i was loving it and walking into every shop chatting and getting loads of donations and stuff to give away.

But I didn't.

I still HATE doing it.

just now a little less than before.

Which means I need to keep doing it until it is comfortable, until I get the results I want.

Sometimes progress is slow, it's still progress it's just slower than we'd like.

trick is to keep moving forward.

And celebrate the little victories.

I might not have wowed every person I spoke to but next time i walk in hopefully they'll remember me and it'll be a little easier.

last time i told you how I'd signed up for a business mastermind and had put everything in place to start a new class in the mornings.

so after running a facebook advert and setting up strategy sessions with those people that had taken action and filled out my form,I was all ready to go.

Sort of.

See the class started off fine it's always a little scary when you have new people train with you. you have to find out their personalities and how different people need to be shown things or spoken to but that wasn't the problem.

the problem was I was struggling to get out of my comfort zone. this was a new class with new people with new problems or issues that were asking for my help. but all I could think for the first couple of weeks was that i'd made a huge mistake, that I should have just stayed in my little groove training the same students, not really growing or changing just getting by.

There were even times i thought about pushing the self distruct button......BOOM! 

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So here's the thing. 3 months ago I signed up with the TFW Business mastermind.

As part of the TFW affiliate network we were offered the chance to get involved with two guys who's job is to help me become a better business owner so that I could take TFW to the next level. Another form of coaching really I know that I'm not great at that stuff so I'm paying people to make me better.

Thing is it is quite an investment and to make things more interesting I signed up without talking to Sharon first. Something I don't usually do as it would have quite an impact on our finances and we usually talk through any financial issues first.

So the first thing we did as part of the mastermind was to set up an 8 week introduction course to bring in new students. this involved setting up a Facebook advert and running it for a week.

I Wont go into detail but again it was quite a large layout to pay for Facebook and also hire a new hall etc. etc.

the first week I had 34 enquires that in itself was huge for me for two reasons.

1. I'd never had that many people contact me in one go before.

2. I would have to phone those people to arrange strategy sessions.

Thing is I HATE talking on the phone. I'm not comfortable and I turn into a bumbling wreck every time i picked up the phone I would find reasons to put it down again "it's too noisy" "I forgot my pen to make notes" "it's lunch time" yadda yadda yadda

But because there was such a large investment. Not just money but also time and energy. I had to FORCE myself to do it every time.

I'm still not totally comfortable with doing it but that little voice is getting quieter each time.

next time I'll tell you what happened next and how I nearly pushed my self destruct button.

This week I'd like to talk a little about permission. It's a strange thing that sometimes we hold ourselves back from things because we don't want to overtake those around us. I find this especially with some of my Martial arts students who will pull back from being better than me at certain drills or techniques because I'm one of the teachers so in their eyes I must be better than them. They literally refuse themselves permission to be better.

This is of course ridiculous I WANT you guys to be better than me at things! the best feeling in the world for a true teacher is watching a student take what I have shown them and go further with it than I have by not making the mistakes I have.

So from today I give all of you permission to be better than me at something and I want all of you to give yourselves permission to be the best you can be at something, whether that's the best parent you can be or the best spouse or even just the best friend you can be!

Everyone talks about how knowledge is power.

The more knowledge you have the more power you have.

How many of us work with someone that thinks that by holding back knowledge they have power or they are more useful or even irreplaceable


Firstly by doing this all you do is create a bad atmosphere around yourself, people will stop helping you because they know you wont help them in return. Secondly even if you do have the knowledge are you acting on it?

Everyone KNOWS they should get 8 hours sleep
Everyone KNOWS they should exercise 4 times a week

But do you do it????

cos if you don't what's the point?

So if you know what you should be doing to be better at work or as a parent or even as a friend

don't wait