Here at TFW London We pride ourselves on staying focused and working until we get the result we want; I watch my students push themselves to become more; going through barriers that they thought would never have been possible.

We also look to find ways to give something of ourselves to back to our community.

So When I heard Luka Hocevar owner of Vigor Ground Fitness present about charity events I knew TFW London had to step up and get involved.

At our next practice, I spoke to the TFW London familia and we came up with 6 charities that held a meaning for us in one way or another.

That was the easy part. What happened next Challenged me in ways I never expected.

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During the winter term as part of our two hour P.E class at school we had to run a 5K cross county course. This involved leaving the school grounds and running through several fields, one of which usually contained cows!

Normally after a brief warm up the girls would set off first then five minutes later the boys would set off.

On the first lesson, I set off with the rest of the boys in my year I made sure I was in the front group. I had been studying Judo since I was ten so I considered myself to be pretty fit. I mean come on I was attending two hour classes twice a week with lots of press ups, grappling drills and other conditioning let alone the actual sparring! How could I be anything but? So when I started to slip back from the front group I just thought "Ok so I'm not the fastest, no problem the other guys are taller than me so you know, they have longer legs and stuff. That must be it."

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