Here at TFW London We pride ourselves on staying focused and working until we get the result we want; I watch my students push themselves to become more; going through barriers that they thought would never have been possible.

We also look to find ways to give something of ourselves to back to our community.

So When I heard Luka Hocevar owner of Vigor Ground Fitness present about charity events I knew TFW London had to step up and get involved.

At our next practice, I spoke to the TFW London familia and we came up with 6 charities that held a meaning for us in one way or another.

That was the easy part. What happened next Challenged me in ways I never expected.

TFW London was fired up and ready to go when we began to meet some resistance. Some of the charities were nonchalant, some were disinterested, and some even asked for numbers before they accepted our donation... WHAT?

We were frustrated and disheartened. But we were more determined to do what we had set out to do. We had committed to a goal and At TFW, we don’t just “get ready to get ready” we make it happen!

 We blasted social media, we plastered our corner of the city with flyers and on a personal side I forced myself to go to local businesses to ask them for donations or help to promote our first event.

Again I found myself facing resistance. Not one of the stores would help; a few wouldn’t even put up the posters I’d made But I  had made a promise to my students so I knew I couldn’t give up, I just had to keep pushing and keep working.

Two days before the event our photographer phoned to cancel! Another blow but after a few phone calls I convinced my brother to step in and take a few shots during the day.

Finally the Day arrived.

Four people came down and rocked a workout. There may not have been many of us but the energy was fantastic and we still raised £85.

After that first event we had to take a hard look at what we had done, what had worked, what hadn’t, what could be tweaked to possibly work better and what was just never going to work. It was tough and involved some soul searching; there was six months of charities lined up. Could we walk away from that? Could I fold the first time we came up against something that didn’t go the way we thought it would?

The answer of course was HELL NO!

We picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves down and started working on the next event. Making sure to have learnt something from the challenges we faced putting the first one together.

And the next month? Well that’s another story…..

This experience really drove home for all of us at TFW London one of our favourite Rooney Rules

Rooney Rule: In order to reach greatness, it will not be because of an absence of obstacles, but in spite of them! The Obstacle is the path