I thought I'd follow up my post about the worst fat loss advice by looking at some of the top trending diets as ranked by Google at the moment.

1. Paleo Diet
2. Juice Cleanse Diet
3. Mediterranean Diet
4. Master Cleanse Diet
5. Ketogenic Diet
6. Okinawa Diet
7. Omnivore Diet
8. Fruitarian Diet
9. Pescetarian Diet
10. Flexitarian Diet

First up is Paleo I've been aware of this for a while and like most of these it started in the states and is slowly becoming more popular over here. Basically the idea is that you eat the way cave men did by hunting and gathering which means no grains no refined sugar or any other processed foods. There's not really a specific set of rules as we don't really know what Palaeolithic man (And woman) ate and there isn't much clinical research so far, but for some people it seems to work.paleo
On the other hand it does encourage large amounts of red meat and by excluding dairy and whole grains it does miss several parts that make up a well-balanced diet.
Perhaps a better option would be to adapt the principal of limiting processed foods and adding some caveman movement principals like sprinting before you eat as if you were running down your food 

Second is juice cleansing.
This has been around in some form or another for a while with different versions, changing length of cleanse and what you actually use at the moment Gwyneth Paltrow has encouraged lots of women to give it a go.juice

Personally I don't have too much of a problem with the idea of it but it can be taken to extremes like most things. Because as per usual the human reaction is "If 1 day on juice is good then 5 days must be amazing" for a more detailed report on it check out this article over at precision nutrition HERE   (it is an affiliate link as I am taking my exam with them but these guys are the best around and those that know me know I don't refer many people or products unless I've used them personally)


This is another diet that follows how people from certain areas have eaten. It's been known for a while that people that live around the Med have a longer healthier life. Some of this again is probably due to the fact that they have little processed foods are usually pretty active and don't have a lot of the stresses we do.

It seems there has started to be a bit of a swing away from calorie counting and slim fast type diets which can only be a good thing.

I might look further into some of the other top 10 at a later date.

As always a balanced outlook and regular exercise will beat most "Diets"
There is also the psychological aspects towards food which can have a profound effect on how and what we eat. Which of course a lot of these don't really touch upon and must be addressed if you really want to have long lasting results but again that's a post for another day.

Stay Sharp