This week I'd like to talk a little about permission. It's a strange thing that sometimes we hold ourselves back from things because we don't want to overtake those around us. I find this especially with some of my Martial arts students who will pull back from being better than me at certain drills or techniques because I'm one of the teachers so in their eyes I must be better than them. They literally refuse themselves permission to be better.

This is of course ridiculous I WANT you guys to be better than me at things! the best feeling in the world for a true teacher is watching a student take what I have shown them and go further with it than I have by not making the mistakes I have.

So from today I give all of you permission to be better than me at something and I want all of you to give yourselves permission to be the best you can be at something, whether that's the best parent you can be or the best spouse or even just the best friend you can be!