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I Just Can't Do It......



Everyone has days like that..

Don't they?

When you just can't be arsed

You feel lazy

You feel shitty,


You end up just dicking around on FaceBook or watching crappy TV.

So you have a coffee, a strong one, to get you going 

and maybe a biscuit or 2,

Possibly 3

and still, nothing gets done.

So here's what i do to get unstuck.

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I commit to 4 minutes

yes thats right

FOUR minutes,

4 whole minutes

I set a timer to 4 minutes...

and I tell myself that I'll just do 4 minutes then quit...

walk away from the washing up or cleaning or writing


I do this with training sometimes too

When I can't be arsed with it

"I'll just do the warm up and the deadlifts"

and sure enough, almost every time I do this I just 'get into it' and before I know it..

I'm on a roll,

Sweating and Smiling.

But it starts with 4 minutes...

Sounds simple and it is,

but fuck me its effective,

Give it a shot...

next time you're stuck,

just commit to doing do what you need to for 4 minutes

works like a charm

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trust me.