What did who make me do?

Well it was my son Zach and  yesterday he asked if we could walk to nursary as it was a nice day.

and so I thought to myself

"What the hell, why not"

so we made sure we were ready early and took off up the road hand in hand.

now usually I chuck him in the back of the car and stick the radio on

cos even by then i've been up a couple of hours and i'm half into "Work" Mode as i have to get to class pretty much as soon as i've dropped him off.

but you know what it was lovely

Me and Zach

we walked

we talked

and we had fun

as we walked into the car park at nursery I noticed how many other mums and dads were just chucking

the kids out out the curb,

all the while checking the phone

(Cos you know emails are such much more important than your kids)


And really what is this teaching our kids?

That Work is more important than them?

That the only way to connect with your parents is to make a fuss or mis-behave

so they HAVE to put the PHONE DOWN And take notice of them


so how about this as a fun piece of homework for the week


Take some time to spend REAL Quality time with those around you that you say you care about.


But you need to REALLY be THERE.


Be Present


Be in the "Moment"


whatever you call it

actually BE with that person or people

give them 100% of your attention.




If you want a real challenge

One that will drastically change your relationships 




If that person really is that important MAKE time for them

Time is the one thing we all have that is non negotiable.

it's the thing you can't buy more of, or make more of.

When it's gone, it's gone.


Cos god knows the time when you can do this with your kids goes pretty damn quick so make the most of it

me and Zach 2