Self Talk

Imagine a friend came to you with a problem or they'd made a mistake and asked you for some advice.

They're a good friend and you care about them so you'd give an honest opinion and probably some things to do or try right?

Maybe you'd offer a little encouragement too.


So let me ask this when YOU need advice or you've made a mistake what do you say to yourself?

Do you talk to yourself the way you would a good friend?

Why not?

You talk to yourself more than anyone else and you do care about yourself don’t you?

And yet when things go wrong do you say;

“You always cock things up”

“You're useless”

“You can’t do it”

“Why do You even bother?”

negative selftalk

This sort of negative self-talk is very powerful and damaging. It can really screw with your mind.

So here’s what I want you to do next time you start to say these things to yourself.

1) Say it out loud in the mirror.


Take a look at the way you look when you say these nasty hateful things to yourself, do you scowl and stare?

Is this the person you are, or want to be?

2) Record it.

This is another big one record all the things you want to say to yourself.  use your phone and then later on listen back to it.

Again you’ll be surprised by the things you say and hearing the tone and way you talk will be an eye opener.

sad mirror

3) Ask a question.

Negative self-talk is a rant.

It screams

And it shouts.

It is a one way street.


so ask yourself.

“Am I being a drama queen?”
“Am I being hateful?”
“Am I the sort of person that yells at someone?”

this starts a conversation. It stops the stream of bile and forces you to talk TO yourself
rather than AT yourself.

So next time you catch yourself talking to yourself in a nasty hateful way do one of these 3 things, there are more to try but for now start with these.

angry woman

You’ll be surprised at the things you learn about yourself and it will also change the way you talk to others.

Because the way we talk to others is a reflection of they way we talk to ourselves you might not realise it but how we self talk can have a huge impact on ourselves and those closest to us.

It will also affect how, and for that matter if you achieve your goals.