Of course that's a quote from little britain when they take the piss out of Dennis Waterman's

habit of "singing" the theme for his programs.

But what I wanted to touch on today was getting out there.

Woody allen said 80% of success was showing up

and science backs him up,

"Luck" is simply getting out there and trying lots of different things, talking to as many people as possible and generally putting ourselves in a position where good things have more chance of happening to us than if we simply sit indoors vegging out in front of the googlebox.

look at this diagram:

                                             RIGHT PLACE
         failure                                 I                Success
WRONG TIME-------------------------------------------------- RIGHT TIME
         failure                                 I                  failure
                                          WRONG PLACE

So as the great Dennis sang

"Right people, right time just the wrong location"

In the quadratic universe of time and place, you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right.

And as the law of averages is usually a against you it makes sense that if you put yourself out there more you increase your chances of hitting the right outcome

lets say Take That are about to release tickets to a secret gig there is 1 ticket up for grabs for every 100 phone calls that come in.

so you have a 1 in 100 chance of nabbing one.

would you phone once or twice and then give up?
or would you call like hell and keep track knowing that each call brings you closer to getting what you want?

Obvious isn't it you go for it!

So although it might feel like your wasting time, in the long run you'll actually save time,

because when you hit that sweet spot, the right time and place

Everything clicks and life can take a huge jump forward :)

Just ask the girls in the 8 week challenge

if they hadn't gotten up off the sofa and taken the time to meet me and see what I can do for them

Well they'd still be:

 Sat on the sofa, watching jeremy kyle.

Not having the energy to play with their kids.

Wondering if their other half still fancies them.

Looking at the "Yummy Mummy's" and feeling crappy.

Feeling like they've let themselves go and there's no way back.

But instead of that they're at our practice sessions

Getting better.

Getting stronger.

Getting back into those pre-baby jeans.

Getting noticed again (nudge nudge wink wink)

All because they were in the right place at the right time

take it away Dennis