So the other weekend we had our TFW London Christmas meal.

Those of us that were about headed into Wimbledon and ate at the Hot Pink Grill

Xmas 2015


which BTW is a great place to eat.


It has a good mix of healthy and slightly unhealthy options.


and the funny thing was not only was everyone watching to see what I was going to eat but  also watching my reactions to what they ordered.

Even though we all know each other well by now and I told them beforehand


"This is our Christmas meal eat what you want !"


People still think that I only ever eat broccoli and steamed chicken.

Now don't get me wrong

yes most of the time I watch what I eat.

Lets face it you would'nt go to a dentist with wooden teeth would you?

so would you trust someone to teach you how to lose weight and change your body

if they ate McDonalds and KFC everyday?


LOL Course not


But yes I like beer, wine and whiskey and I love chocolate pudding and other desserts.

Do i eat them all the time?



and thats the point


it's possible to eat things like that if you take care and don't go overboard

if you can eat something like that and enjoy it for what it is.

a good meal with good friends at a special time of year

the problems come when you:


A) eat like that every week


B) you eat a meal like that and then spend a week beating yourself up about it.


Food should be fun and enjoyable, something to savour not a punishment or something to be ashamed of.

There are enough things going on in your life without self hate

like I've said before Young women are force fed all these negative body issues and other horrible stuff

so let go of some of that

at TFW we show you how to balance your nutrition and training so that you can go out and have a fun meal without the guilt and self doubt

and still

lose weight,

build muscle,

and feel good about yourself.

so if you want to get involved now before the whole new year rush

apply for a spot now HERE: