So it's nearly here.

No Not xmas but Star Wars!!!

i'm soooo pumped :) I can't belive i have to wait till the 27th to see it

anyway on a serious note i like to look back sometimes to see what was going on

and last year in the class we had Sam.

Sam is a mum of 5

Yes 5 Kids

And super busy not only as a mum but she's also on the PTA
and runs an online business.

and you know what?

over the Christmas and new year period she lost nearly 2 stone!

i'll say that again 2 STONE!

sam 2 stone

See while most people think of December as that month

The month where "it's ok to let lose and be more relaxed"

in other words

eat and drink as much as they can before Jan and the usual

"This year i'll do it, this time will be different"

Well guess what .....

It won't

But I get it

Christmas and new years are a bit different than other times of the year  but it's a holi-DAY

not a holi-MONTH

So what did Sam do different?

She stayed the course

she kept going,

stayed consistent

she kept focusing on her habits and goals

and kept working when most of her friends had stopped or not even started.

in effect she did what most other people who say they want to change won't do

She did the work even when she didn't feel like it

So while her friends were struggling during the Christmas period

Sam lost more weight and felt better than she had done ALL year.

Mad eh!

Well actually no it's pretty standard when you invest in yourself and my

8 week transformation program

check out sam's progress here

But Only if you really want to change for good this time