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Meet Julia,

A Mother and Grandmother.

She came to my class for help with a shoulder injury that had seriously affected her quality of life.

“I had shoulder surgery two years ago for a frozen shoulder and then dislocated it five weeks later (wiping a cupboard down of all things), I went to see a physio once a month for a couple of months and was then signed off with a few exercises to try even though I could not lift my hands in the air higher than my shoulder as it was still very painful.”

“I soon found myself overweight and very unhappy. My Home and work life were affected as comments about my size were also getting me down, my confidence was very low, rock bottom in fact.”

But it wasn’t just the injury that was holding Julia back there were other issues that were afecting her.

“The first obstacle that I had to overcome was walking into a class and asking for help to start with.”

“The second was changing the way I thought, I never said “diet” or “exercise” as they were swear words to me. I thought I would just need to cut out chocolate and bread then I would lose weight. Which obviously never happened.”

Luckily Julia’s cousin was a student of mine and when she achieved amazing results it prompted Julia to come along and try a class.

Because of julia’s injury we had to start things off slow there was a lot of testing and at first including just movement drills just to find what types of movement would cause pain,

I still remember how for the first couple of weeks Julia would have to perform totally different exercises than everyone else in the class as we both discovered what she could and couldn’t do. All through that time though her attitude was brilliant it didn’t matter what I gave her to do she would always give her best with a smile and a joke.

Slowly we added more and more types of exercise and gradually introduced weights to rebuild the damaged muscles that had wasted away.


Now at the 12 week point the results are amazing.

first photo                                                   

      As Julia says herself  My shoulder now is almost back to where it should be, I can lift my hands above my head without pain.”


“I am lifting weights and it does not feel like it is going to pop back out.”

“My whole being is so much stronger physically and mentally.  And to top it off I have dropped two dress sizes in the twelve weeks.”

Julia has discovered a love of training and pushing past the things she was unable to do before.

“I can now do knee grabs which I did try in the first couple weeks but physically could not so simply would not. I thought I would try again last week and now I can,amazing! “

“Malcolm is a brilliant instructor, patient, kind, encouraging. He pushes you to believe in yourself giving you the confidence to complete any task set, encouragement is his middle name.” 

“I would 100% recommend Malcolm.”-Julia